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About Us


 We devote this part of our practice primarily to federal criminal cases, focusing on white collar matters, such as securities fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering cases. We also handle select cases involving many other allegations, as well as others relating to violence. Additionally, in New York State courts, we handle a wide array of criminal cases, ranging from union corruption cases to murder cases. We handle cases for individual and institutional clients at all levels of the federal and state courts. We also handle internal corporate investigations and private prosecutions, and provide other confidential legal counseling, frequently in highly sensitive contexts. ALTCHILER LLC’s approach to these areas of practice is simple: maximize the result and benefit for the client and minimize the publicity. 


 We conduct internal investigations for corporations and individuals, under a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes the business client has received a grand jury subpoena for documents or testimony concerning its internal workings and we are brought in to ascertain the company’s exposure. Sometimes an employee has alerted the company officers of alleged improprieties taking place at the company and we are brought in to investigate the individuals allegedly involved and, if warranted, bring the results of the investigation to a federal or state authority for prosecution. Other times we are hired by an individual who is being victimized by another person or an entity and the individual desires to have the offending conduct terminated without the publicity that would be generated by  referring the matter to federal, state, or local law enforcement. The firm prides itself on providing aggressive, creative, exceptional representation in all white collar investigations and prosecutions 


Specialization in protecting and defending licensed professionals and members of law enforcement against inquiries, investigations, whether administrative, regulatory, personal, criminal, or any combination of factors and circumstances. We have represented doctors, brokers, lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, law enforcement officers, captains of industry, nursing home owners, nursing homes and other health care entities. business owners, union leaders,in a wide variety of investigations, prosecutions and proceedings, over the last 30 years.

In our representation of these clients, we have always prided ourselves on being the most creative lawyers a client can have. We like the "impossible" cases, and have frequently secured dismissals and other extraordinary results. Such clients frequently face multiple areas of exposure when under investigation, due to licensing issues, related administrative jeopardy, and other factors. We relish representations involving such intersecting complexities, and are driven by our obligations to our clients and our driving and continual desire to win 


Coaching at Courtside is a system of advocacy, utilizing various creative, and contrarian techniques to train advocates in all forums to persuade more effectively, more comfortably and more efficiently.  Robert Altchiler founded C@C for the purpose of helping lawyers, people in business, students and others, to understand the creative and compelling communicative abilities they already have, and how easy developed and furthered those abilities can be with a commitment to practice simple exercises and to open themselves up to their own creativity, while overcoming common inhibitors, such as the fear of public speaking and fear of failure.  Mr. Altchiler has successfully worked with students, lawyers, business people, helping them in the classroom, courtroom and boardroom. C@C also provides consultation for trial lawyers, helping them develop theories and themes, as well as ideas for summations. C@C also consults with business people to help them perform better in the boardroom. C@C utilizes storytelling, jokes, fables and other devices to help its clients unlock their persuasive power.  


 We conduct investigations and defend all prosecutions, and investigations related to healthcare and nursing homes, in matters related to regulatory, administrative, civil and criminal inquiries. We have defended cases brought by state attorneys general, federal and state prosecutors, and investigators and other agencies.
We defend government investigations and conduct our own, on behalf of providers, nursing homes and medical practices, relating to a wide variety of subjects, ranging from patient abuse and mistreatment, financial crimes, false statements, Medicaid fraud, money laundering, violations of controlled substances laws and other alleged violations. 


 As a result of our relationships throughout the world, spanning numerous fields, we offer a legal business counseling services, called the XLX Service. The goal of XLX is to help individuals accomplish their business and career goals, by finding effective solutions to common and unique obstacles. Those business goals may include, but are certainly not limited to: achieving success in entertainment and publishing; navigating the complex world of corporate governance; developing business and security models that maximize profit and protection for companies, as well as numerous other targeted results. The goal of the XLX service is to “make great things happen” for the client. 

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